As a trusted partner, we help build, connect, power and protect valuable assets and critical infrastructures. From enterprises to industries, we supply video surveillance applications, time & attendance systems, home automation systems, access control, vehicle tracking systems, public address systems and full-line solutions that address security concerns to create reliable, resilient systems which sustain businesses and communities.

Our Aspiration

Our Aspiration

Providing integrated security solutions designed around industry specific needs, our services aimed to safeguard your security is what sets us apart. Our integrity & excellence as a service provider furthers our corporate commitment to responsible business practice. Emegatron is dedicated to working with suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, consultants and third parties or intermediaries who maintain a similar commitment to strong ethical standards.

Our Aspiration

Our Purpose

We create safe and well monitored spaces by keeping your security our prime concern. Our systems collect, integrate and distribute information to provide real time data which makes businesses well equipped and thus sustainable. Appreciating security as a long-term concern, we assess your needs through consultation and implementation of systems in access control, visitor management, CCTV and intruder systems and facilitate integration to maximise the value of your investment, thus cutting lifecycle and operating costs.

Integrity, excellence in service, intangible relationships and innovation remain our key virtues.

Our Team

Demonstrating our relentless work ethic, our passion for doing a good job, and our determination to continuously look for new and creative ways of delivering our service is what sets us apart. As a result, our people are ultimately appreciated, supported and well-managed.


Our support structure of operation heads and support engineers offers the highest levels of specialist support, to meet the needs of our customers and employees. We are firmly committed to the ongoing investment in our support structure and strongly believe that this will ensure our business meets its commitment for service excellence, profitability and growth.


A team that excels in building relationships with business partners, our Sales team is responsible for providing support to all partners, the Implementation Team and clients during the set-up period. It also monitors ongoing client satisfaction, attends all client needs during the implementation stage and ensures an in-line with the client’s requirements thereafter.